Day 7: Tenno-cho Park to Kamiooka Station, Hodogaya Ward

Today we walked further into the streets of Yokohama. Yokohama City is a port city and many of its buildings in the city center near the port have a european touch.

Yoshiyo Sato, a hibakusa, gave a message this day. He was 14 years old when exposed to radiation from the atomic bomb blast.His mother died 1 month after, while his sister 6 months later. He expressed his opposition on the current government’s intention to change the Article 96 is Japan’s Constitution. (More on Article 96 and Article 9 at the end of this post.)

Article 96 is a portion of Japan’s constitution that contains the requirements for ammending it. The current prime minister intends to change Article 9 of the constitution. He wants to change Article 96 so he can easily change Article 9.

The Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution expresses the country’s renunciation of war. The photo below shows Article 9. (This is a print at the back of a shirt Mizukichan gave me for the Peace March)

20130514-090326 PM.jpg
I’ve had similar shirts when I was very young. I have known of Article 9 at a young age, but this time I seem to appreciate it even more in the context of the many things I have seen for the past 9 days. The Article 9 is considered a treasure not just of the peace movement, but of all the people in Japan. There are organizations in Japan advocating Article 9. You will probably see many more Article 9 memorabilia throughout the Peace March. This photo below is one of them.

20130514-092054 PM.jpg

After lunch, we headed to the Yokohama Prefecture Office near the Yokohama Minato (Port). A representative of the Mayor Hayashi Fumiko delivered his message of support to keep peace. I also learned that there are around 5000 hibakusha in Kanagawa Prefecture and 2000 of them lives in Yokohama.

The very supportive trumpeteer, Akira Matsudaira, was with us again. He played a popular Japanese song and some people hummed and sang with him. It has a good melody. Fukushima san told me the title of the song was ‘One Pencil.’

20130514-092707 PM.jpg

I was surprised to see Bunchan that afternoon as I delivered a very short speech in Nihongo. Bunchan is like the Peace March specialist of Japan Gensuikyo. 🙂 I report to her, Satake san and Yasuisan allfrom the Japan Gensuikyo. 🙂

We finished at the Kamiooka eki. Another exciting part of the day was we had a bit of tourist mode.
We went to yokohama port and had some sight seeing.
We also had additional sight seeing at the park near the Yokohama tower. See photos below.

20130514-093717 PM.jpg

20130515-105239 PM.jpg

20130515-105316 PM.jpg

20130515-105400 PM.jpg

20130515-105537 PM.jpg


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