Day 31: Back to Japan

Hello Nagoya! Hello dear Peace March! I’m back!

I have to leave the Peace March for more than one week to apply for a newvisa since tourist are allowed maximum 90 days stay per visa. The Peace March, World Conference and related activities exceed 90 days so I have to ‘exit’ Japan and come back with a new visa. I missed 10 days of the March. One can see updates of the PaeceMarch in Aichi in Facebook and also in the Aichi Peace March site.

I left the Peace March after the closing ceremony on May 26 to catch the train to Aichi with Satakesan. I spent the evening with Keiko chan’s happy family and went sightseeing at Nagoya Castle and the Nagoya Noh Theater. Keiko chan works with the Aichi Gensuikyo and she was a member of the Japanese delegation for the NPT Prep meetings in Geneve this year. The evening was filled with laughter. Her father’s laughter is infectious. 🙂

Nagoya’s Noh theater is the biggest of its kind around Japan. It was a touristy morning for me as we saw many ikebana, actors playing the ancient Japanese leaders (one was Hideyoshi Toyotomi), and the construction site of Hommaru place. The Hommaru place is a portion of the Nagoya Castle that was burned to ashes many years ago. They are currently rebuilding the place using the traditional construction methods -true to its real form. It was a sight to behold – especially for people working in the design & construction field. The first phase of the Hommaru place was opened on May 29 this year.

20130605-092051 PM.jpg

By the way, I ate unagi (eel) twice that day. Keiko chan and her father explained to me that in Nagoya, they usually eat a single meal in three ways. I followed their lead as we ate our individual unagi set meals. First, I ate one third of the meal as it was. Then I mixed wasabi and spring onions as I ate the second 1/3 portiom. For the last one third, i poured soup /tea overthe rice and ungai. The whole process was very oishi. 🙂

We also attended a meeting at the Aichi Gensuikyo office where they introduced the through Peace Marchers in aichi. It was also a briefing meeting for all of us involved in the Peace March. A report about the NPT Prep. Meeting in Geneva was also presents to us. After this, Satake san and I headed to the Nagoya airport where he treated me an unagi set meal for early dinner before I headed to the gate. 🙂 I was happy and full! Onaka ippaidesu!

I arrived in Manila on May 27 before midnight and applied for a new tourist visa the following morning. It was such good news when our visa coordinator called us afternoon of the next day. He informed me that the new visa is ready to collect. That was very fast. Maybe the embassy in Manila supports the Peace March too, haha. 🙂

I started writing this post at the lobby of Aichi Gensuikyo office in Nagoya. Now I am in the hotel after dinner with Muratasan and Yoshi san – a through Peace Marcher of Aichi. I am excited to be back in the March tomorrow. 🙂

For now, here are some photos from the Facebook page of The Peace March in Aichi Gensuikyo. These are photos of the days I missed. I have been looking through them with envy while I was in the Philippines. 🙂

20130607-124535 AM.jpg

20130607-124548 AM.jpg

20130607-124555 AM.jpg


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