Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Day 36: Nagoya City Hall, Kiyosu City Hall, North Nagoya City

This is the last full day of marching in Aichi Prefecture. Today’s route starts at Nagoya City Hall, then head to Kiyosu City Hall and finish at North Nagoya City. Unfortunately, I was not able to march with them today. Nevertheless, here are some highlight info and photos I got from the cool Aichi Peace March Website.

The Tokoname course today covered 15 kilometers and had 286 marchers. They were able to raise 35,103 yen of kampa (donations) and 237 shomei (signatures). There is another course the same day in Aichi Prefecture which started from Nakamura Ward to Nakagawa Ward. This course had 230 participants. Photos of Tokoname course are featured above and below.
20130612-111314 AM.jpg


The will is strong, but the body is weak.

Following the doctor’s advise, I did not join the march today and slept for majority of the day. I asked the doctor how many days of full rest I need to have. He said when I am sure that I am strong again then I can join the march. This is a difficult answer for me because somehow I feel that I currently have poor judgement of my body. The daily rigors of marching everyday has increased my threshold of pain / discomfort that I am not so sure if my current definition of ‘alright’ is really alright.

My stomach is no longer in pain but my bowel movement is not yet normal. I hope I can recover fast. If only real people can gain the fast recovery rate of superheroes like Wolverine, that would be awesome!

Iwata san, a member of the Shinfujin, prepared last night’s dinner and today’s meals for me. She is very kind. Last night, she prepared home made Japanese dinner of rice, unagi, and many fresh vegetables. I was very thankful. Today she brought me sandwiches, tomatoes, a large cheesecake, tasty salmon, salad and hakko. Finishing all this would be very challenging.

Hakko is fermented rice with solid bits of rice. It is mixed with hot water and is mildly sweet. Iwata san told me that it is good for the body. Maybe hakko is the fermented version of ‘am’ in the Philippines. Am is the soupy mixture taken from boiled rice. Many Pinoy (a popular shortcut to say Filipino person) kids my age were fed with this. I am not sure though if this is still done today.

Yanou san and I returned to Kita Byoin (North Hospital) of Nagoya in the afternoon to have my right knee checked. I’ve been having recurring knee pain on the lower right side of my knee cap. Luckily the doctor speaks english and after some x-rays he said there is nothing wrong with my bones. It must just be tired muscles so I need to rest my legs as well.

On our way back to the car, we were assisted by a nurse in the parking area. Upon knowing that I am Filipina, she also told me that her grandmother was also Filipina. Nice! As the Peace March goes on further, I am meeting more Filipinos in Japan. 🙂

These body ailments seem to be piling up. I hope I heal soonest and get this over with so I can join the March with a stronger body.

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