Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Day 43: Hikone, Toyosato, Aisho, Higashiomi – Shiga Prefecture

Murata san and I had different accommodations last night in preparation for two simultaneous courses today. Murata san’s course covered the Takashima City and passed by a Japanese self defense force base. This area is nearer Biwa Lake.

Shiga Ken’s through Peace Marchers and I marched through Hikone City, Toyosato Town, Aisho Town and Higashiomi City. There were up 20-30 people who joined us. I should rather say ‘them’ instead of ‘us’ because I was not walking the whole day. My knee has recurring pain so I only walked for the first and end part. I really hope this pain will disappear.

Hikone City by the way is famous for the Hikone Castle perched on top of a mountain. This beautiful castle is the most important historical structure in the prefecture.

I met several people as Imotosan and I arrive at the rest places earlier than the Peace Marchers. One of them was Yamanakasan – beautiful lady who is a member of Shinfujin. We met her at Yokka Ichi Eki in Higashiomi City. We were waiting for the Peace Marchers to arrive by train so they could continue to walk in Higashiomi City.

Another interesting person was Suzukisan. He is a lively and funny guy. He drove for me and Imotosan in the afternoon. He was also the emcee for the closing ceremonies. At one point, we visited a temple with a bell structure similar to the ones we in Gifu Prefecture. He told us the temple is part of his house. I told him he must be a rich man and he laughed. I asked him several times if he really lives in the temple and he always laughs as he says yes so I was not sure if I could believe him or not. Hahaha. He joked that he also owns Suzuki Motors when I tell him he is a rich man. Up to now I am still unsure. Haha.

Our accommodation for the evening is a hotel in Omi Hachiman City. It is a little bit old but I like it because the room is bigger and it feels homey. The view from the back of the hotel is ricefields and mountains. Really nice! On the hotel’s stair landing was a big board with many manga illustratons of different kinds of monsters. Muratasan explained to me that these are drawn by Mizuki Shigeru. He is very popular in Japan for such genre of manga. Some of the monsters look similar to Filipino mythical monsters. I find his drawings fun instead of scary. 🙂

Over dinner, Muratasan and I had a chat with the lady in the hotel cafe. I am not sure if she is the owner. I’d like to think my Nihongo vocabulary is getting wider since I can understand the gist of the conversation. Thanks to google translate, I can type sentences in nihongo and show them. This way we are sure we are discussing the same things. 🙂 Ii ne!

I learned from them that Biwa Lake supplies water to Kyoto and Osaka Prefectures. Biwa Lake’s water comes from the surrounding mountains and also from rivers in Gifu Prefecture. Muratasan also told me that he ate salmon sashimi that was freshly caught from Biwa Lake the night before. I think it was called Biwamazu. Wow!

Aichan and Bunchan from Nihon Gensuikyo called me this evening for updates. I told her my fever and stomach problem are gone. I am just careful not to eat oily / fried food and I prioritize eating vegetables now. The remaining concern is my knee. A small shooting pain goes on and off during the day that’s why I cannot walk the whole day. I asked if I could see a knee specialist to understand my knee’s condition fully and be able to plan ahead.

Since we started the Peace March, I have picked up several Nihongo words. Although I took a 10-day crash course in Nihongo before I left Manila, I was able to learn many more words by heart during the march. Many of them are survival phrases like the following:

Toire wa doko desu ka? – Where is the toilet?
abunai – danger
jitensha / kuruma arimasu – bike / car is coming
onaka ippai – my stomach is full
watashitachi wa nanji ikimasuka? – what time do we go?
saisho to saigo – start and end
kyukei – break time
asagohan, hirugohan, bangohan – breakfast, lunch, dinner
ashi itai – knee hurts
ame – rain
ima – now
nimotzu – belongings / baggage
Sekai Taikai – World Conference
Imadeshou – It’s has to be now! / Do it now!

and what I like the most is:

Kakuheiki no nai sekai. – World without nuclear weapons.



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2 thoughts on “Day 43: Hikone, Toyosato, Aisho, Higashiomi – Shiga Prefecture

  1. Sasaki Azusa on said:

    Your journal reminds me of the Peace March in your country for peace and justice more than 25 years ago. Filipino friends and I had been marching, singing aloud Bayanco.
    I enjoy your report which is full of energy to make world peace. Thank you.


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