Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Some of the Songs in the Peace March

The photo above shows the very tiny oryzirus I received the other night. Muratasan handed it to me together with the bags of tomatoes and cucumbers. I’d like to describe them as ‘microscopic’. Hahaha! I cannot think of anything with a standard size to compare it to except for my passport. So compared to a typical sized passport, this folded artwork is THAT tiny. It is the tiniest I have seen so far. They come in a small pink container the size of a typical lip balm or eyeliner cake. The maker must have used pointed tweezers or maybe he used an out-of-this-world, hi-tech shrinking machine. Haha. Totemo sugoi!

I am lucky to be spending this weekend afternoon with Aichan. We will stay in the Kyoto MIN-IREN Chuo Hospital the whole day. Tomorrow she will accompany me to Kansai airport to catch my early morning flight back to Manila.

Aichan showed me some videos of some songs we play during the Peace March. And so I would like to share them in this blog. She explained to me that they have been trying to ask permission from many artists. Not many were replying positively so they were very happy and surprised that artists of the songs below agreed to have their music played in the Peace March.

Below is ET-KING’s video of Ichi Ban Ondo. I love the rhythm and dance step! Aichan told me that Bunchan and the Peace Marchers last year danced to this tune on the streets. How cool is that! I want to dance it too! She said the song is about loving and being proud of your hometown. The beat is similar to those played during festivals. The vest of the singers in the MTV is usually worn by men during festivals in Japan.

This next song, Aruite Kaero, was first released in 1994. Kazuyoshi Saito has been singing the song for the past few years. I am not sure if he is the original singer / writer. The song is about walking together. This really rocks. It has been one of my good morning songs. 🙂

These songs, along with many others, have been cheering us up everyday in the march. Heartfelt thanks to the artists who shared these songs with us. Ii ne!!!

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