Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Pre-Peace March Days – Magiting’s Second Day

Second day was a very refreshing day as I had a 10-hour sleep for adjustment on weather and the stress before and after the trip here in Tokyo.. Stress before, as I am very concerned about what to bring, is my walking gear enough?, is my baggage complete?, did i forget anything? And stress after because of my worries about the weather, or will I get lost.

It’s good thing that Ai-chan, our coordinator of the international youth relay here made a very easy direction where I will meet Ms. Keiko-san which is in Ueno station. Today was raining. And its cold like 22C. Which is very cold coming from a tropical country like the Philippines.

We took the train to get to the shinjuku area and she turn me over to Mr. Kajihara-san from Gensuikyo. As I look at the map of the train lines especially the subways, I began to think about traveling alone in Tokyo. It was very complex and very overwhelming even if have the English translation map. As Ai-chan told me earlier, she thinks it will take like 10 years for a person to master the train lines here in Tokyo. For an adventurous commuter like me, I don’t think this is a good idea. 

Kajihara -san took me to Toyocho Park, where we met with Masake Nakaoka. He is as young as me, and he works at All Japan Federation of Democratic Medical Institute. And also Ms. Mariko Asano from All Japan Education Union, Kazuhiro Ishimura from Tokyo Gensuikyo and the very familiar and great friends from Gensuikyo: Bun-chan, Fumi-san and Tiro-san.

They introduced me to one of the areas where the peace march will pass through. That’s why as early as now, we need to give the businesses some flyers and ask them if we can place some posters on their walls for others to see. And we also put some posters on the common poster area. That activity is an introduction for me and to practice my walking. It’s a very good experience because we meet the local people in the area, and they were very welcoming and were very interested in the Peace March.

We had lunch at the local fish and tempura restaurant. Then we go to the Gensuikyo office. Before, I tend to remember the stations. But here in Tokyo, it is hard to remember it because there are so many train lines. 

From there I met Yasui-san, and the other staff briefed me about the Peace March. This is my first time to walk for quite long outside the Philippines. I used to walk for 10 hours during the Black Friday of Holy Week going to Antipolo Church which is some kind of a pilgrimage and we believe that if you reached the church after walking then your prayers and wishes will come true.

Then with Ai-chan we proceeded to my host house and had a very delicious dinner. Oishii desu!

And had a very cold and good night sleep.

by Magiting Fabros

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