Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

2014 Peace March Countdown: 5 DAYS TO GO

5 days to go before the Peace March and we received a special news from Ai Satoh of Gensuikyo that she prepared a banner for the international relay of youth peace marchers. This will be carried and handed over as we embark on a relay walk from Tokyo to Hiroshima – covering up to 1000 kilometers in 90 days. Thanks a lot Ai-chan!


As part of the May Day celebration, our 1st relay marcher Magiting Fabros from the Philippines joined the Gensuikyo team in Yoyogi Park Tokyo to express solidarity with different organizations and to promote the 2014 Peace March. Thanks to Akifumi Tanaka for the photo. 🙂

For this year, we also have a new theme song for the march. It was written a great music artist & peace advocate, Akira Okuma. It was first launched in this year’s Bikini Day Events on March 1 in Shizuoka, Japan. A short video & some of the lyrics are shown below.

A meaningful International Labor Day to everyone! Enjoy!

今日は 平和行進です!
Konnichiwa! Heiwa koushin desu!
Hello! This is the Peace March!


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