Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

2014 Peace March Countdown: 4 DAYS TO GO

We received an update from Gensuikyo that the youth groups participating in the Peace March will be staying the night of May 5 in Yumenoshima Park. This is where the Peace March will officially start on May 6. Our international relay marcher, Magiting Fabros, will also be with them. Exciting! 楽しみ!

As translation for the rest of the Peace March flyer is under way, below is a translated excerpt that can serve as partial 101 of the upcoming event. It expresses all the calls and desires of the people participating in / supporting the Peace March.


Hello everyone! This is the National Peace March Against Atomic & Hydrogen Bombs. Even on rainy or hot summer days, this has been carried out every year for over half a century.

This year we call for ‘No More Hiroshima, No More Nagasaki, No More Fukushima’ as we do a relay march towards Hiroshima and Nagasaki until August.

The key to eliminate nuclear weapons is the voice and actions of people in the hope of peace. Everyone is welcome to join at any time and from anywhere. Please join us! Let us walk together!

Let’s abolish all nuclear weapons!

Let us uphold the Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution!

Zero nuclear power plants! Compensation for the radiation victims of nuclear power plants!

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