Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

2014 Peace March Countdown: 2DAYS TO GO

The International Youth Relay

A new feature of this year’s Peace March is having a Relay March of International Youth Delegates. The image above is the front page of Japan Council Against A&H Bombs (Nihon Gensuikyo) featuring the International Youth Relay.

Given the importance of this period before the 2015 Nucle
ar Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review, and taking off from the experience of overseas ‘through’ Peace Marcher (almost) last year, the challenge of a relay of international youth delegates was raised. Following last year’s format of walking and sharing the experience online, there will be several young people from different countries sharing their experience instead of one through marcher. This way, there are more people outside of Japan sharing & echoing the message of the Peace March.

Given a relatively short notice, 7 participants from 5 countries were able to take on the challenge.

Mr. Magiting Fabros (Philippines)
Tokyo & Kanagawa (May 6 to 19) 

Mr. Arthur Taimanglo Jr. (Guam)
Shizuoka & Aichi   (
May 19 to June 11)  

Ms. Chihiro Nishida (Japan)
Shiga (
June 16 to 21)

Ms. Malaya Fabros (Philippines)     

Nara (June 26 to 30)

Mr. Nino Malacaste Desierto (Mindanao, Philippines)    

Osaka & Hyogo (June 30 to July 16)

Ms. Manisha Gaur (India)     

Okayama and Hiroshima (July 16 to August 4)

Ms. Sofia Wolman (USA)    

Hiroshima (July 26 to August 4)

They will be the ones to pass the banner of the international relay march alongside the rest of the courageous & strong Japanese Peace Marchers. They will be the ones to share their observations, experiences with the people they meet and see Japan & its peace movement from a different point of view.

Dear friends, follow us as this year’s Peace March unfolds!

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