Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Messages of Solidarity from Friends

Today is the kick off rally for the 2014 Peace March! As a start, we are posting the messages of solidarity by friends from different countries. 🙂
(Photo above by Magiting Fabros as they are marching right now)

For the determined, valiant and peace crusaders, I salute for your efforts through the peace walk to spread the need to abolish nuclear weapons. I hope your message will spread through the globe.

J.Narayana Rao
Direct Global Network,Nagpur.India

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for you action!!
Together, united as women and men from all over the world we can send our message even more powerful:
No More Hiroshimas and No More Nagasakis! We don’t want nuclear weapons. We don’t want them for ourselves. We don’t want you to have them. We don’t want them to exist.
The nuclear weapon states promised us disarmament (NPT, Art VI) and we are taking them at their word! Disarm! Now!

Dear friends,
I wish you strength and courage for your walk for a long pathway lies ahead of you and us. Therefore also enjoy the walking itself and inspire a more friendly and peaceful world.
Thank you,
Frederik Postelt
Hamburg, Germany

I wish to send our  greeting to peace march to anti-nuclear movement to be revitalized  and regain NUCLEAR FREE WORLD.

Regards and best wisher,

6 Wuruma Court, Gladstone QLD 4680 Australia

Dear Friends

Please know we stand in solidarity to your efforts here in Canada.

May Peace and Nonviolence prevail

Theresa Dunn
Director, Canadian Peace Initiative

Many of us in the United States support you and your cause, and more and more of us all the time are learning the horror of and complete lack of justification for the first two uses of nuclear weapons on earth, as well as the total destruction that will result if we don’t get rid of these tools of death.

David Swanson
Author of War Is A Lie, member of coordinating committee of

As as Canadian grandmother I add my name to the list of humanity’s names to say NEVER AGAIN TO ATOMIC BOMBS!`

Elaine Gibson
61 jack Cr. Arnprior ON  K7S 3T7

Wish you all success.

Dear Gensuikyo,

I am in solidarity with Peace  March  in commemoration of the  use of atom bomb in twin Japanese cities over five decades ago next month.

Really, the world should have been spared this horror. Peace workers,concerned agencies and responsible governments around the globe should work towards a peace coexistence.

May this March touch the hearts of key players in world peace matters.

Job Ogodo.

To all the amazing Marchers for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons:

Thank you for your dedication and inspiration. May the world wake up and take notice that we, the people, do not want nuclear weapons. We do not need nuclear weapons. We want and need a world that knows how to resolve its conflicts nonviolently, a world where people recognize our shared humanity and strive to live in peace.

Rosemarie Pace
Director, Pax Christi Metro New York
371 Sixth Avenue
New York, NY 10014
212-420-0250 (p); 212-420-1628 (fax)

Dear Friends,

I am sending my sincere gratitude for your continued commitment to a total ban on nuclear weapons and my heartfelt good wishes for your National Peace March toward Hiroshima and Nagaski.  I truly wish I could be among you!

Dot Walsh and I just returned from 2 1/2 weeks in Vietnam meeting with victims of Agent Orange and UXOs (unexploded ordinance) … the very real and horridle legacy’s of a war that never should have happened.  We took a small replica of the Stone we pulled in Stonewalk Japan 2005 and Stonewalk Korea 2007 to the Vietnam Friendship Village in Hanoi and were surprised and pleased to find a similar Stone already there, brought by a Veteran for Peace on an earlier mission.  See photo below.

The two blue Earth and Peace flags which flew on the caisson are now going to fly over the children living in Friendship Village.  I plan to send them photographs of the Japanese and Korean children who walked with the Stone.

There is strength and healing solidarity among those who understand the pressing importance of ending wars – ALL wars – and eliminating the war machine and weapons that bring devastation and lasting pain and suffering to people, all life and to the Earth herself.

I trust the Marchers will reach not only Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but also many heart and bring awareness to multitudes along the way.

In solidarity and gratitude,

Andrea LeBlanc
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows
International Network for Peace
World Beyond War

Wish the 2014 National Peace March against A and H Bombs a roaring success.
Hope to see the dream of a world without nuclear weapons realised in my lifetime.

In solidarity,

Sukla Sen
Mumbai, India

Greetings to all peace march participants ! I am sending you congratulations from the IPB Secretariat in Geneva.

My name is Madhuparna Dutta. I am working as an intern here, making links with our member organisations.

I convey to you our full support for your Peace March. I am sure it will help raise awareness of the dangers of nuclear weapons, which threaten world peace. This initiative coincides with our (IPB) goal of disarmament for sustainable development.

Wishing you all possible success, and good weather for your march!

Madhuparna Dutta  Membership Secretary

Dear 2014 National Peace Marchers!

In my heart, I will be with you every step of the way.  Thank you for your act of peace, love, and hope for a world without nuclear weapons.

With deep gratitude,

Terry Rockefeller
September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

Hello (Konnichiwa):

The Ohio Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament wholeheartedly supports the efforts of Gensuikyo and others to call for an end to the Nuclear Age.  We will join you as we march together toward a world where nuclear weapons will no longer threaten the global citizens and the world itself.



May your path be peaceful and safe!

Mark D. Stansbery
President, Columbus Campaign for Arms Control
Coordination Team of the Ohio Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament


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