Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Day 4: Kawasaki to Sagamihara

Kawasaki City Office to Shin-Yurigaoka rest in Sagamihara.Photo 5-9-14, 4 00 45 PM

We started our march in Kawasaki Takatsu or City Hall. We had an opening ceremony where the members of Gensuikyo and other organizations were present and they made their speeches. I also gave a solidarity message. Kisaki-san from Kanagawa Gensuikyo led the short program.

I met Mr.  Nuneya Hiro, a member of the Japan Communist Party, did some speech.  Our Peace Marchers from Kanagawa also gave their speeches. They are Itoh-san, Kaneko-san of Shinfujin, Masako, Mr. Ishizaki. One hibakusha lady from yesterday also gave her message and also the representative of the Kawasaki City office.Day4-1.jpg

It was a very sunny morning that’s why I just had long sleeved undershirt and a very comfortable t- shirt. I expected the weather to be a bit hot. And it was. So as I do everyday I applied lotion and sunblock because I notice my skin is getting tanned.

This area has a lot of 2-way streets. That’s why the policemen are really coordinating with their radios to prevent any inconvenience to vehicles passing our path. Usually they allow counterflows as one lane is occupied by our group. Our line is usually 30-40 meters long.

At our first stop was in Higashitakane Forest Park, we were greeted by akira-san with his trumpet and some marchers with guitar and tambourine.

Yabe-san gave us a musical instrument. I don’t know what it is called, but it is very easy to play. Just shake it up and down. It is like a child’s toy but it is very convenient and easy to play.

I also met Keiko Sando from Wakayama who is also a member of Coop. She works at a hotel here in Sagamihara.

Members of the Coop in this area provide us with fresh fruits and tea, water and sports drinks. There are a lot of people who visit the park especially children.

As we move along, we encountered our first downhill street.

It’s 12 noon and we stopped by the Tama Ward Office where we had our lunch. I ordered Chinese food. I took a picture of the food and told Yabe-san to tell me what it is called in Japanese. After lunch we had a blood pressure test. My result was a bit high perhaps because I  just had my lunch and had some coffee in the morning; it was very hot weather; the long walks, and incomplete sleep combined. They also advised me to drink a lot of water. Maybe dehydration also is one big factor. Day4-2.jpg

As we moved along the streets, it was getting harder because of the steepness of the road. We passed through a lot of uphill and downhill and turns. We also noticed there was a lot of school children in this area and we passed by a lot of bamboo forests.

We stopped by a Coop again where they served another round of fresh fruits, and drinks and some sweets.

As we were going up on another hill, we were greeted by very strong winds. And as we were near the Shin-Yurigaoka Station, we were greeted with strong wind and it rained. So we scrambled in putting our raincoats and umbrellas. Still the march proceeded and it stopped before we arrived at the City Office near the station. Sorry for not having the exact location as I don’t have translator today. Day4-3.jpg

Then we travelled by van to Sagamihara. The trip was a bit long. We all had our heads down sleeping, all drained and tired. There will be another day ahead!

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