Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

June 13th, 2014 – From Mino City to Seki City

GIFU Day3-1

Today I marched from Mino City to Seki City for about two hours.  Mino City is famous for traditional Japanese paper-making and the streetscape with Udatsu; extensions of tiled-roof that served as walls to prevent the spread of fires.  Udatsu is also a symbol of fortune, which continues to proclaim the prosperity of the owner of the house even today.  And Seki City is famous for high quality Japanese swords.

I also walked the course passing through Gifu City.  The Co-op organized the march on this course.  While walking, I met a Filipino woman who walked with Malaya last year.  She said she really enjoyed joining the Peace March.  I suppose that living in a foreign country is not so easy, however, her joyful attitude definitely cheered me up!

At the welcome ceremony at Seki City, the city mayor gave a speech and said that he GIFU Day3-2would take his son and daughter to Hiroshima this summer so that they can learn how horrible the atomic bombing is.

During the Orizuru (paper crane) Peace March in Gifu City, a lot of Co-op staff and members chipped in for this march.  Thank you for your generous donation!  Now I am going to get ready for the full-length march from tomorrow!

(Translated by Tomoko Miyake)

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