Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

June 15th, 2014 – Gifu City to Ogaki City

I had a stomachache this morning.  So I expected that I would have to get on the lead vehicle on the way.  However about half an hour after we started walking, I heard a popping sound in my stomach, and the pain went away quickly and I regained energy.  The tiredness of my whole body and legs also disappeared like magic.  I even felt my body lighter than yesterday.

As we proceeded westward on Route 21 of national highway, we crossed Kiso River, Nagaragawa River and Ibigawa River and entered Ogaki City.  The roadside view was just ordinary-looking, but I enjoyed walking on this familiar road on which people come and go every day. GIFU Day5-2

We stopped at Miki Park in Ogaki City for a break.  There was a water fountain where we can enjoy spring water.  The water was very cold and delicious.  I met some people who came all the way from Nagoya City to get the water here.  They told me that they would use the water for cooking rice.  It is true that water of Ogaki City is palatable.  And the city is also famous for a local sweet called “Mizu Manju”.  It is made of a ball of azuki bean paste covered with jelly-like transparent starch, and served in a bowl of clear and tasty water and ice of Ogaki (Mizu means water in Japanese).

GIFU Day5-4 mizu manju

Image source:

After passing through Ogaki shopping street, we reached Ogaki Castle, which was the final stop for the day.  We were welcomed by other peace marchers who arrived earlier from a different route and the members of Ogaki Peace March Organizing Committee.  The picture below was taken in our dinner party on that evening.

GIFU Day5-3

Though the dinner was warming up, I left there because I had to catch the last bus home leaving at 7:08pm.

Tomorrow will be my last day of the Peace March.  I hope I can hand over this Youth Relay Peace March to Nishida Chihiro-san in Shiga Prefecture successfully!

(Translated by Hibiki Ouchi)

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