Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

June 16, 2014 – Handover to Shiga Prefecture

From Ogaki City to Sekigahara

Today is the last day for me to walk in the Peace March as one of the International Youth Relay Marchers.  We will walk along old Route 21 and Nakasendo (old Edo-Kyoto highway), and will have a handover to Shiga Prefecture at Sekigahara.

Old Route 21 is fairly a big road with company buildings lining up on both sides.  Welcomed by the townspeople who waved at us from their cars or on the street, we headed westward.

There was an 88-year-old woman who walked with us from t
he first rest stop to Sekigahara.  She seemed to have a flexible body and strong legs.  I felt my body was a lot older than hers.  She had a good posture and looked very smart.  She walks for 4 kilometers every day.GIFU Day6-1

We had lunch in a building at Taruijuku on Nakasendo, where an A-bomb exhibition was held. (Photo above)

GIFU Day6-2 Further westward from there was a well which is no longer used.  This well used to quench the thirst of travelers and brought them comfort during the Edo period. There used to be 7 such wells in Taruijuku. (photo on the right)

After we passed the well, we only had a short walk to reach Sekigahara.  We had a handover ceremony in a small gymnasium.  Time flew so quickly during the last 6 days.  Sometimes I was too tired and felt like getting on the lead vehicle, but I managed to walk all the way to the destination. During the Peace March, so many people supported and encouraged me including the fellow through marchers of Gifu. Thank you very much!  I believe this experience will support me in my future life and activities.
GIFU Day6-3


Successfully, I was able to  hand over the International Youth Relay March banner to Ms. NISHIDA Chihiro of Shiga Prefecture.  I look too tired to even smile…

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