June 18, 2014 – Azuchi to Yasu City, Shiga

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Third day of the peace march in Shiga: From Azuchi to Yasu City. 


This morning the sky was gray and it rained on and off on the way.  But it actually was a perfect weather for the march.  This was my third day in the peace march, but I began to feel very tired.  I might have been overenthusiastic during the first two days.  It is amazing that Mr. Takeda and Mr. Tanaka, the through marchers on the entire course, and also Mr. Takada, who is a through marcher in Shiga Prefecture, are all full of vigor and walking briskly.  Though I am the youngest among the through marchers, I am having difficulty keeping up with them…

SHIGA DAY3-2In the afternoon, we had a signature collection at Omi-Hachiman Station and Yasu Station.  Ms. Hoshino, one of the marchers, played ocarina.  With the soothing and peaceful sound of ocarina in the background, we collected signatures for the “Appeal for a Total Ban on Nuclear Weapons.”
Ms. Hoshino’s ocarina helped us to solicit messages on the Youth Relay March banner and my peace marcher sash from the young people, including students of primary and high schools and colleges.  I was very happy.  Together with our desire for peace, I want to bring the peace wishes of the people whom we meet on the streets all the way to Hiroshima.

Peace Messages on the International Youth Relay March banner.SHIGA DAY3-3



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