Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

June 21, 2014 – From Otsu City, Shiga to Yamashina Ward, Kyoto

Ms. Chihiro Nishida’s Day 6: From Otsu City, Shiga to Yamashina Ward, Kyoto

I have been unable to update my blog every day and today is already my final day in the Peace March. I am very sorry that my blog misses several days, jumping to the very final day.
Today it’s been muggy under a cloudy sky. We left Shiga Prefectural Government office in Otsu for Yamashina in Kyoto, where next marchers were waiting for us. From Otsu to Yamashina, we marched over a mountain. We arrived at Yamashina safely at around 12 o’clock and I feel relieved that we were able to hand over the Peace March to the marchers of Kyoto.

I was surprised to find that the Peace March group of Kyoto was much larger than Shiga’s. I guess each prefecture has its own color. I was impressed by what one of the through marchers of the Tokyo-Hiroshima course said: “I was worried about how things would go at the beginning when I arrived in Shiga, but I’ve witnessed the evolution of the march in Shiga day by day.” True, we discussed every day among the marchers how to make our Peace March better and more effective, including the way we should chant slogans and make peace calls. I also realized that the relationship among the Peace Marchers has become stronger from day to day. Along the way, I received support and encouragement from so many people, which gave me power to walk through the 6 days.

20140628-074537 am-27937827.jpg

“You will find something there once you take action” — this is what I have realized by participating in the International Youth Relay of the Peace March. Meeting with many people of different occupation and age through the march has given me invaluable treasure. It also brought surprises, questions, joys, and learning opportunities to me, who had not participated in demonstrations and other activities before. My future challenge that I’ve found in walking for 6 days is to find a way to make this wonderful Peace March truly into an “action that anyone can join from anywhere, even to walk just a single step together,” just as its slogan says.
(Translated by Takako Kitajima)

20140628-074645 am-28005711.jpg

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