Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

June 30, 2014 – A POWERFUL DAY

(My First Day)

June 30, 2014 – Almost 300 marchers gathered along the river of Kashiwara City for the opening program of the 2014 National Peace March against A and H Bombs in Osaka Perfecture. The warm breeze of air from the river and the bright light from the sun was accompanied by the marcher’s smile, music, and hopes for a succesful event.

For me, I was shaking and gathering my thoughts on what could happen to me together with these japanese marchers. I was thinking that this would be hard in a circle of a different culture, but I was wrong. The members and staff of Gensuikyo-Osaka well-guided me from the food, accomodation, and a very good translator. My day went well after I made my speech in front of everybody. Every marcher’s applause made my first day a powerful one.

We marched from Kashiwara City to Yao City Hall and ended in Iwata Park. The chants, drumbeats, and music played by the marchers made June 30,2014 a powerful day.

Nino Desierto
2014 International Youth Relay Peace Marcher for Osaka & Hyogo Prefectures
Multi-media Editor, Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement

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