Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

June 25, 2014 – Konkon City to Kasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture

Dear peace friends

This is Manisha Gaur (India) again writing to you about today’s peace march. welcome to you all in this walk-talk. Dont just read it, feel it, spread it,be in the rhythm of peace like me and like all other marchers.
It is a great day today. We walk from Konkon city office to Kasaoka city hall. Today Peace March lead by Kuaono-san, a member of Asakuchi city assembly.
During our second break Head of Asakuchi city address the march and honor our senior marchers. Sinko-san was our interpreter for the day and it’s great to know that she climbed Hakusan mountain (2700 meter). I am amazed to have such strong people in the peace movement.
2014-June25 - 3
2014-June25 - 2
Every year the working officers, the Labour Union which belongs to GENSUIKYO organize a message writing activity from all the marchers and other participants in Kasaoka city hall . This year also we all write messages in kasaoka city hall during lunch.
We finish the walk at kasaoka city hall where the chairman of kasaoka city assembly Kinto-san address the march. A peace balloon activity was organized at finishing point of the march to spread 200 colorful peace balloons with messages into the sky. Its good to see our peace messages to fly high into the sky.The participation of teachers union of  high school in Okayama, students, labour union members, peace marchers and citizens of the city make peace balloon activity wonderful. 2014-June25 - 4
Then we came to Hinotsu-san’s house to stay. Hinotsu-san’s house is the mirror of her beauty, intelligence, hardworking and helping nature. We got a BBQ dinner party here and meet new friends otsuko isshii-san, fumie kajihara-san, akazawa-san  and sakata-san. We meet a famous person  86 year old Hibakusha Keiji Tsuchiya who is also head of Hibakusha organization in Okayama prefecture. He opens up with his story from the heart and with the help of drawings of situations in which he was at the time of A-Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Thus the day ends with tears in eyes and pain in heart.
Manisha Gaur



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