Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

July 26, 2014 – Sofia Wolman

Well, this was definitely the longest, hottest day so far, but we’ve made it to Hiroshima Prefecture!

After a hearty breakfast of (mostly) leftovers from the barbecue at Michiko-san’s home, we were off from Kasaoka!


Breakfast at Michiko-san’s!

I was happy to again see my young friend Kazuki, who had drawn me a wonderful picture of his family and me; what a prized possession!!  He was my March buddy for the first part of the day, and we had a great time together, often entertained by small fish in the flowing water beside the street, and by Fukuda-san’s fantastic singing, which keeps the energy up despite the weather!


Kazuki-chan and me; Photo Credit Tomoki Ishihara


Peace memorial along the road


School kids cheering us on!

After a (short!) lunch at a women’s organization, we headed back out, and before we knew it we made it to Hiroshima Prefecture!


Lunch at a women’s organization


Crossing into Hiroshima!!


Michiko-san leading the March

Soon after, we were greeted by a large group – the Fukuyama contingent – and after a ceremony we parted ways with the familiar faces of Okayama/Kasaoka, and set off on this new and final stretch of the March.

It was really sad to say goodbye to these friends we’d made!  I didn’t expect to feel so emotional, but even with the strong language barriers that exist, it’s amazing what a bond I came to share with the people whom I’d marched beside, particularly such friends as Nakao-san, and Shiga-san, the Okayama-through-Marcher, who was really crying hard as we said our goodbyes.


Manisha, Fukuda-san, myself, and Tomoki-san


Me and Nakao-san


Manisha, Shiga-san, and myself

But, the march went on, with new but strong energy and a big group of us, with Nakajima-san, a junior high school English teacher – joining as our interpreter and coordinator of the Fukuyama portion of the March.



In the evening we had a short time to get ourselves cooled and cleaned off before driving over to a social work office where we were hosted for a dinner featuring some traditional foods from Fukayama.


Manisha and I enjoyed the company of Mahoko-san (our interpreter) and her very friendly mother and daughter (Manami, who braided my hair after dinner).  It was a festive time, including speeches by guests, and I was invited to sing Imagine – a favorite among the marchers!



We also saw a man’s hat, that had dozens of pins from past Peace Marchers attached, and I was amazed to see that this year’s logo is much like a mural in Derry, Northern Ireland, where I studied for a semester during university!


He’d taken the cap off to pass around the table


This year’s Peace March logo reminds me of this mural in Derry, Northern Ireland!

So, it’s the end of a long day, and sleep calls!  Onwards!

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