July 27, 2014 by Manisha Gaur in Hiroshima

Dear Peace Friends

Konnichiwa ! Heiwa ko shindesu!
This is Manisha Gaur from India writing to you about my experience in peace march. Welcome to walk-talk again.
It was a rainy morning and we all were happy to have cool weather. In the opening ceremony we met some special senior citizens. they gift us colourful bunch of layours
of paper made beautiful figures with lot of blessings.Tthey made our day great. I and other co marchers made short speeches and we start march from fukuyama city office.
We got our lunch break at saibi junior high scnool, then we start for matsunaga railway station and then takamoro shrine.we move from car to Jodo Temple where the
Onamichi team peak up the march and we end today at Onamichi city office. we cover almost 14/15 kilometers …..the songs, slogans, team spirit,never reminds us of
tierdness. our interpretar for the day was Nakajuma hiroshi-san from fukumaya city.
Onamichi city head Sumeda-san gave us dinner party at onamichi royal hotel in a traditional Japanees style . we meet new friends here heard about Mikojima island,
Innoshima island where 16000 and 12000 people living now.everyone of us make short speech , Osama kurihara-san, a baseboll teacher in high school translated the
 communication from english to japanees and japanees to english.
After dinner we visited Mukojima island with sumeda-san , meet her wife noriko-san which was her junior high school friend also. He gift us  toast from his more than
 100 year old bakery. The couple in the age of 72 still give feeling of young and newly married couple. my wishes for their long life.
I will write soon again….till than…have a good day.
Remember  ‘There is no way to peace, peace is the only way’

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