Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

July 28, 2014 – Manisha Gaur in Hiroshima

Dear peace friends

Happy peace marching…..
I am back again with my walk talk.
The weather is hot and humid but all peace marchers are marching with same energy and courage to change the world. It was a great morning today. I and Sofia together in the morning visit a three story pagoda and a more than 100 year old Buddha temple in Onamichi City in the morning 6.30. After 190 stairs we reach three story pagoda. waching Onamichi City from their was a great view. I found that place very cool and full of spiritual vibrations. I meditate for ten minutes. Thanks to Koichi Asegawa-san to show us these places.
2014-June28-3We start walking at 10 in the morning from Onamichi City Office with the message of mayor of Onamichi City and reached 11.30 at Nihama ferry terminal. Than we had lunch at a traditional restaurant saga. After lunch we walk up to Itozaki shrine, a beautiful and spiritual place. We feel blessing of Buddha at the shrine. The marching team exchange here .the head Sumida-san with his team say good by whereas team Mihara City start walking with us. March ends for today at Mihara City railway station.
Katu Katsu-san  and Akiko -san was our interpreter for the day
During march we saw Onamichi city sea sides, the Innoshima Island, ships in the sea, the bridge between Mukajima and Inoshima Island, the train path into the mountain. All this shows the hard work and passion of Japanese people. That is why they were able
to walk every year for three months and for so many years. Traditional dinner at ryokan was delicious. One more day with peace practice invest for humanity ends with stay in Mihara city.
I want to finish my walk-talk with a quote of Mahatma Gandhi “AN EYE FOR  AN EYE MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD BLIND”
Will right again……

Manisha Gaur2014-June28-4


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