Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

July 29, 2014 – Sofia Wolman

We began the morning with a great breakfast at the ryokan, then were off to the Mihara Train Station to begin the day’s march. 29July1 A man came up to me and introduced himself as Osugi-san, realizing that as a U.S. American at the Peace March, I’d appreciate his t-shirt.  His daughter, who goes to university in New York City, bought it for him; it’s a design I’ve seen before and it really is a pretty poignant one!


Usogi-san’s t-shirt says: “Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism since 1492,” paying homage to the indigenous peoples that resisted the European genocide and colonization of North American lands

Keiko-san helped to translate for Manisha and me, and we enjoyed conversation with her, she’s very outgoing and friendly!


Some women of the day’s March! Keiko-san on my left in the blue


More Peace Marchers

In the afternoon we ate bento box lunch and enjoyed a long rest at a Buddhist Temple.  It was built in around 1630, and was an incredibly peaceful place, a beautiful structure with  lovely view of homes, gardens, and very lush hills.  I also enjoyed manju that Takeda-san gave me!


Lunch in one of the rooms connected with the Temple

We finished the March early in the day (around 2pm) at the Takehara City Hall, had a quick rest, then I went with a couple other Marchers to an old part of the city right by our ryokan.


The tide was out and lots of crabs were roaming around in the mud!


View from Takehara’s Shoren-ji (Shoren Temple)

We enjoyed dinner at Amano Ryokan and then an early night!  Peace!

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