July 31, 2014 – Manisha Gaur’s insights from Okayama

Dear peace friends,

I am back with my walk-talk.
Today we start at 10 am from Higashihiroshima City Hall. Mayor of the city Yoshio Kurata-san and
chairman of the city congress Koji Terao-san give the opening speeches and good wishes for march.
They also honor the senior marcher Takeda-san and also give donation to GENSUIKYO. I and Sofia also give speeches.

Team of Gensuikyo also walking with donation box to collect money from houses and shops in peace march area. Twelve other organization support and participate in peace march today.

I don’t remember their all name but some of them labour union, Shinfugin, democratic shop owners group, retd.penssioners group etc. Sanai Wataoka-san,the head of GENSUIKYO for the city managed all the program.

Sato Kutaka-san, a retd. professor from Hiroshima University and Chiomi-san were the interpreter
for the day. Because Kutaka-san was professor in Hiroshima University, he is having knowledge of everything from history of Japan to present senario. We got new information about agricultural, economical, cultural and other sides of Japan. Also the spiritual strength of Japan and coming of Buddhism and its acceptance in the country all told by Kutaka-san. It’s really great to walk and also talk and know about such things.

Last break today at Kuros branch of Higashihiroshima City. The traditional Japanese tea is sponsored by branch chief of Kurose. The march formally taken over by other team at lida junior bus terminal.
Then we move from car to Nikata. our stay at View Port Kure Hotel.

We went for dinner in an Indian restaurant…..wow….great for me….Indian meal in Japan…







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