Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

July 26, 2014 Okayama-Hiroshima Handover by Manisha Gaur

Dear Peace Friends

Kunichiwa !

With every day in the morning we meet new people walk with them, enjoy their company, learn many new things about Japan,history of Peace march,sad Hibakusha stories, new challenges for peace and required actions and end the day with group dinner talking the culture of different countries, exploring knowledge about human values, importance and specialties of a new city and sleep with Peace movement success dreams. Every day in Japan arise with new experiences.

Today half day march was in Okayama Prefecture and half day in Hiroshima Prefecture. We start from Kasaoka in Okayama and finish at Daemon in Hiroshima Prefecture. Honotsu–san who was our host for last night and Nakajima Hiroshi–san was our interpreter in first half, Nakao-san join us as the interpreter for afternoon,and in dinner party with new prefecture peace friends Mohoko-san trying
to translate our emotions into Japanese. She present their with three generations her daughter and her mother.

We enjoy the Peace March handover ceremony from Okayama team to Hiroshima team at Sankaku park. We were missing Shiga–san because she march up to Okayama Prefecture only.
The Hiroshima team sing a song and I and Sofia also sing a song. Day end with delicous dinner and music.

Will meet again here

Manisha Gaur





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