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Solidarity with People’s Walk for Climate Justice #climatewalknow

It is said that the two current major threats to humanity are nuclear weapons and climate change. 2015 is a big year for making milestones with respect to both issues. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference will be held on April 2015 in New York – where the goal is to achieve a global ban against nuclear weapons. On the latter part of 2015, the Climate Change Conference in Paris is seen as a chance to achieving a climate agreement that is just and recognizes climate change as a serious and urgent problem.

The threat of nuclear weapons and climate change are universal and both require international solidarity. The strong voice of grassroots movements are also key to giving strong pressure to those who will sit down in the conferences. And all the activities before those two major conferences are very critical in securing a better future for all.

Today is the first day of the Climate Walk in the Philippines. Climate activists, together with Phil. Climate Change Commissioner Naderev ‘Yeb’ Saño, will walk together for 40 days from Manila to Tacloban – one of the cities that endured the wrath of last year’s typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan. The Climate Walk starts from Oct. 2 until Nov. 8 the first year anniversary of typhoon Yolanda.

Climate Walk is “intended to drive momentum for grassroots social action that would strengthen global public opinion on climate change and provide the push for countries to finalise a fair, equitable, ambitious, and durable new climate agreement in 2015 in Paris.” (from Climate Walk website)

Climate Walk will cover 1000 kilometers in 40 days. Note that the Peace March Against A&H Bombs (Tokyo-Hiroshima Route) also covers 1000 kilometers but in 90 days. Surely the Climate Walkers are aware of the intensity of their walk, nevertheless it is important to wish them well and express utmost support in every way we can.

More than the act of walking itself, long marches / walks like these have the power to reach out to communities – the real people – who needs to be represented in the major conferences on 2015. These intensive activities are also very symbolic of people’s strong desire and commitment to a peaceful and sustainable future they are fighting for. (It is no joke to walk that long. Seriously.) Most especially, such activity allows for and builds strong cooperation between individuals, private & cause-oriented organizations and local governments.

It is with strong solidarity and deep respect that the Peace March Journals expresses support for the Climate Walk. To the Core Walkers, be strong and take care of yourselves while walking. Be prepared to be tanned, tired and have your legs aching from time to time. But more than this, be prepared to be overwhelmed with kindness, compassion and solidarity as you meet people along the way. See you!

Looking forward to insights from the marchers! Dear friends, let us follow, join, and share the actions of the wonderful Climate Walkers! Ganbatte ne!

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