Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Valtimore Fenis’s Speech

The Japan Peace March Challenge 2015 will start tomorrow, May 6, 2015. Our first International Relay Marcher, Valtimore Fenis, arrived in Tokyo on May 4 and has since been briefed by Gensuikyo and made necessary preparations. The Tokyo-Hiroshima Course of the 2015 Japan National Peace March will kick-off from Yumenoshima Park in Tokyo tomorrow. Simultaneously, another kick-off ceremony will be held in Rebun Island, northernmost of Hokkaido to mark the start of the Hokkaido-Tokyo Route. All routes across Japan will converge in Hiroshima and Nagasaki after 90+ days of walking. Let us follow them on this journey!

Below is Valtimore Fenis’s 3-minute speech.

Kapayapaan! Peace!
Magandang Araw sa Lahat! (Good day to everyone!)

I am Valtimore, from Mindanao, Pihilippines. My organization is Mindanao Peoples’ Peace Movement. The movement is an alliance, network and coalition of grass-roots peace, human rights, and environment activist organizations of Bangsamoro (Muslim), Lumad (Indigenous People) and Migrant Settlers (Christians). Our being came after an anti-Foreign Military Troops presence in the Philippine in 1999 caravan around Mindanao. It was a campaign against the Visiting Forces Agreement between the Philippines and United States. Later the Movement evolved and for 15 years become a convergence of pro-peace; pro-development of, by and for the people; human rights promotion and ecological balance advocates; and above all MPPM stands for an inclusive peace and inclusive development putting the broadest population of marginalized sectors on top.

Joining the Japan Peace March and International Peace Relay last year 2014 was a remarkable experience and part of our international journey to peace and we are very glad to be here again marching and demanding a peaceful and nuke free world.

Our struggle in Mindanao and Philippines against foreign military interventions and basing is the same as yours and this militarist expansionism by the world powers is an international concern of all peace-loving citizens around the world, the same with rest of struggles to put humanity and environment at the center.

Like in 1958 when the Peace March was inspired and started, we need commitment to do it and pursue to bring our voices together.

I will march and let us march for an Inclusive World, for an Inclusive Peace – a nuke free world!

Lastly, I would like to offer this March to my daughter and her generations to come. Also, I wanted to offer this March to those who are with us long before, marching and offering their lives for peace and human rights. Let those lives of martyrs be given justice by pursuing what they have fought for!

No Nukes! No Bombs! No Wars! Let’s March! Let’s Go!

March Together
V. Fenis
Tokyo, Japan

Come and join
Come and march
Began in 58
Keep marching tireless feet

Let us march together
Build a future better
Let us shout louder
No nukes! Build Peace!

March with me
I’ll march with you
Let us march together
Build a future better

From all ages
Contingents to contingents
Let us shout louder
No nukes! Build Peace!

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