Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Day 4. May 9. Takatsu-ku Ward to Aso-ku Ward., Kanagawa Prefecture

May 9 – 4th day of the Japan Peace March against A and H Bombs. The Tokyo-Hiroshima Course Marchers hit the road after the messages from the organizers of the Kanagawa Prefecture march and messages from the Japan Communist Party Representative and the Mayor’s this morning.

The sun is shy today. As forecasted it will rain but lucky we were it did not.

What’s inspiring today is the participation of kids joining their parents in the march while others helped at the stop overs to offer refreshments for the marchers.

It was mentioned many times in speeches today the essence of passing the information and experience to the younger generation of how destructive nuclear and atomic bombs are – as experienced by some of the marchers so that the campaign for a total zero nuclear world for the children tomorrow will come.

I shared the same messages and I am thankful that the older generations have never been tired of educating the public.

We received thumbs ups, waves and smiles as show of supports.

I am still convince that peace, environment and humanity are concerns that all of the peoples around the world must work and advance together.

Let us march together.

Takatsu-ku Ward to Aso-ku Ward.


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