Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Day 6. May 11, 2015- Atsugi Base Highlight

Day 6 of Japan Peace March against A and H Bombs.
May 11, 2015

A sunny day and the sky is so clear and the marchers kept on.

I saw a lot of women marchers which is very inspiring to me. Yesterday the world celebrated Mother’s Day and for sure the businesses have generated income.

We have passed the Atsugi Naval Base that have cleared the whole sea side area to have it built. A very big land occupation that have warned Japanese citizens in the fences that it belongs to US Navy (Property) and only authorized persons are allowed inside. Authorized by whom?

Another disturbing scene while we are marching are the noise of fighting jets flying above us doing some exercises.

All the more that hosting huge military facilities invites threats and dangers to any host country like Japan.

More to come and thanks to the marchers from Zama to Yokohama.

To the women and mothers, Salute to you all!

To us all, Let’s Keep on Marching… The Sun is Here…

Valtimore Fenis
Kanagawa Prefecture
Tokyo-Hiroshima Course

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