Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Day 1 – Peace March in Fukuoka Pefecture by AG Saño

Day 1 of my Japan National Peace March…23,336 steps made for peace from Moji Chinzei Park to Kokura…I met Mr. Toshiaki Miyashiro, a retired chemistry teacher whose family comes from Nagasaki. he was born a year before his hometown was bombed. He led the group today as we walked through heavy downpour and strong winds brought about by the typhoon.

We had a nice lunch near the Moji Station where a program for the turn over followed.

After walking for about 15-16 kilometers, we reached the last stop of the day…the commemorative bell at near the Kitakyushu city hall.

During dinner time, Mr. Miyashiro mentioned to me, with the help of the designated interpreter, Ms. Nagisa Veyama (a social studies teacher who was born 2 years after World War 2) that his elder brother, a soldier during the war, died in Santiago City. I told him that Santiago is a usual destination for me and my art crew and i showed him the pictures of the art a tank project. I volunteered to bring him there when he is ready. It has been his wish to visit the place where his brother lost his young life.

I also learned today that Kokura was supposed to be one of the candidates for the next target, but the US bombers could not get a break from the thick clouds over Kokura, and with the possibility of running short on fuel,they had to act soon so they dropped the next bomb on Nagasaki instead…

– AG Saño, 17 July 2015

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