Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Japan Peace March Day 13 by AG Saño

Japan Peace March Day 13…21,453 steps made for peace today.

According to NHK news, today was the hottest day at 34-37 degrees celsius. But according to our bodies, it could have been more! One senior lady collapsed after the 3rd break. She was 2 meters away from me when the long sleeved polo she was hoding fell on the ground, At first I thought she was bending down to get it, but she already passed out and was falling. good thing the lady next to her was able to catch her before she hit the pavement. She recovered shortly after. It was a hot day indeed as we walked more than 14 kilometers starting from Saga gov’t. office to Ogi city where we had lunch. around 2 pm we proceeded to Kouhoku town, passing through a very scenic route where one could see a layer of landscape from vast rice fields in green tones in the foreground, to Japanese houses in the middle, and several layers of mountains in the background. We also passed a couple of long bridges and saw many more canals that were as clean as a swimming pool, as inviting as the sea, especially in an extremely hot day. It was great to see many young walkers. Like yesterday, some hospital personnel came and walked with us. A lady in her forties helped lead the marchers and the drivers of both SAG’s, along with the announcers were all women. It is empowering for them to be able to organize such events, and it is a big step in a country where women believe they are still heavily marginalized in terms of participation in tackling social issues. One of the announcers is a mother of 2, who was born a day before I was back in 1975.

ag-day13aThe day was capped by yet another lovely dinner. But what was special about this dinner is that the chefs were the wife and son of our companion Shige san. And Tanaka san gave me a book about Japanese sake as a token of his appreciation. Tomorrow, we walk onward to Nagasaki!

– AG Saño, 30 July 2015, Saga Prefecture

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