Japan Peace March Day 14 by AG Saño

Japan Peace March Day 14…17,878 steps made for peace today (Runtastic report) from Kouhoku town…Yesterday in my journal i said the view was fantastic as we went past rural towns where the villages were sandwiched by rice fields in the foreground and mountains in the background. I felt blessed seeing that. But today, we walked through the villages. Can u imagine that?? We really did! In my high school humanities class i was introduced by my early mentor Pette P. Depatillo to the works of Akira Kurosawa and I instantly fell in love with “Dreams.” At one point of the walk today I thought I was actually in a Kurosawa film. The excitement overshadowed the the fact that we were, again, in the high 30s today as the sun was at its utmost dilligence. Majority of the walkers today were staff from the international hospital so most were from the youth sectors: tough enough to sacrifice a day’s worth of walk under extreme heat in Oomachi town.

Everyone was relieved to reach Takeo city for the lunch break. Like yesterday, we had to break the walk several times to have cold drinks and hide under the shadows of buildings.

Finally we reached the train station and then the final destination of the day, the quiet but gorgeous town of Arita.

-AG Saño, 30 July 2015, Saga Prefecture

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