Japan Peace March Day 16 by AG Saño

Japan Peace March Day 16…15,245 steps for peace. Finally Nagasaki! It was an emotional arrival as the Saga marchers turned us over to the Nagasaki marchers and organizers. It was good to see young people being involved again
There were also little kids who were brought along by their parents..it reminded me of my childhood when me and my brothers would join weekend walks with activists in the early to mid 80s around quezon city.

Sasebo city seems more modern and more dense in terms of concentration of buildings compared to the towns of Saga. And you can feel the busier vibe right away.

Today i said goodbye to my fellow long distance marcher Mr. 山内金久 the great trumpeteer who, at 66, marched like a 36 year old covering twice the distance that i walked. He has done the hokkaido- tokyo march before and this year, the tokyo-nagasaki walk. At the turn over he played 2 songs on the trumpet. Here’s hoping to jam with him again some day.

I met anorher Mr. Tanaka at the border. He was in one of the people in charge. His parents were from.nagasaki and were victims of the atomic bombing. After the walk, we took the train together with other marchers to the heart of nagasaki. That is were we had dinner. He introduced me to another nagasaki resident, a funny guy names Mr. Sato.

When Mr. Sato learned that I teach art in the Philippines, he immediately got a paper and pen and asked me to draw Mr. Tanaka. When they liked the quick sketch, he then asked me to draw him.

After dinner, we proceeded to the 2nd floor of the big restaurant to join a dinner mtng among families and relatives of atomic bomb victims.these are 2nd and third generation relatives from Nagasaki.

– AG Saño, August 1, 2015

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