Members of Co-op Kyoto. They have some of the best energy I’ve come across in a long time. Their spirit of peace and joy is truly special and contagious. On June 21 we marched through Kyoto City with over 300 peace marchers! It was an environment filled with so much peace and love. Many onlookers were receptive of the demonstration and acknowledged our presence by showing peace signs ✌🏿✌🏾✌🏽✌🏼✌🏻️.
Message from Co-op Kyoto: “We aspire for a world that has no weapons, a world in which we can all live safely and happily. We are against national security bills and we strongly demand the bills to be immediately discarded in order to protect our lives. We believe that the resolution to the international conflicts should not be by force of arms. Instead, we should solve the problems in a peaceful way through dialogue. We are walking in this peace march for a world without nuclear weapons. Please join in to achieve world peace for our children. We are here all together to achieve our goal. So let’s be brave and make some noise for peace in the middle of Kyoto!!!”
‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎japanpeacemarch‬ ‪#‎nonukes‬ ‪#‎bannuclearweapons‬‪#‎loveandpeace‬

by Raymond Lujan, Guam
International Youth Relay Marcher for 2016 Japan National Peace March


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