Peace March Journals 平和行進の日記

Fukushima Ground Zero

Finally…Great East ‪#‎earthquake‬ of Japan and Tsunami ‪#‎groundzero‬ .. that led to the nuclear disaster of the ‪#‎Fukushima‬ Daiichi powerplant 5 years ago. We reached the danger zone (within 5 km radius) where we were greeted not by people but hundreds of thousands of big black bags containing contaminated top soil and vegetation that were harvested to help the process of decontamination of the cities that were severely affected by radiation. And then we reached our destination, this abandoned elementary school that still bears the fresh images of 2011, seemed frozen in time and space…such as this wall clock that served the students well for years until the surge of the tsunami engulfed everything in the coastal zones of this Fukushima city stopping the hands of the clock…with its hands now etched forever indicating the very moment it was submerged in sea water from the pacific ocean… incidentally, it is facing the very direction of the nuclear power plant that earthquake damaged resulting in a series of radioactive explosions that spewed fumes towards the mountains of the northwest… (more to come)

by AG Saño, Philippines
International Youth Relay Marcher for 2016 Japan National Peace March

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